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Providing flexible, specialist business and advisory services at competitive rates for 15 years.


We are living in volatile financial times, so the reality is that no sector of the economy is immune to problems or issues resulting from insolvency or bankruptcy.

Since Tucker & Cowen’s inception in 1998, our insolvency clients have benefited from the expertise of our firm’s founders, David Tucker and Richard Cowen, who bring decades of experience to all their cases and are consistently ranked as two of the most distinguished insolvency practitioners in Australia. David and Richard’s reputations have attracted some truly talented legal personnel to our firm and together with David Schwarz and Justin Marschke they’ve created and lead a formidable team.

Specialists in the administration of all insolvency appointments including:

  • Receiverships
  • Liquidations
  • Public examinations
  • Voluntary administrations
  • Provisional liquidations
  • Bankruptcies
  • Part X arrangements under Bankruptcy Act
  • Regulatory Investigations

Bespoke services for a diverse client base

At Tucker & Cowen, we work with a wide range of clients affected by insolvency issues from individuals and company directors to large organisations and corporate clients.

When we are assigned a new case, our restructuring and insolvency team quickly assembles ‘the best team for the job’. Therefore, you can rely on our people to successfully deliver a skilful, comprehensive and competitively priced solution for all your insolvency-related issues.

In fact, the specialist nature of our firm allows our team to provide flexible business and advisory services at competitive rates. In essence, the Tucker & Cowen success story is widely attributed to the quality of service we provide our clients – and we look forward to assisting you too.

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